English School of Leaders


School of Leaders

School of Leaders "is an operational structure of the Movement, the School is a community of Christians who, united in the atmosphere of a Group Reunion, seek every day to become more centered, more committed and more united, so as to accelerate in themselves, in the Movement and in their environments the living out of what is fundamental for being a Christian." (The Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement: Article # 540)


The English School of leaders meets on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Monday each month at St. Paul Cursillo Center from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Monday, April 1 - Communion Service - Cursillo, Rollos and Team Members

Monday, July 15 -  Action

Monday, August 5 - Mass - Study of the Environment

Monday, August 12 - Christianity in Action

Monday, August 19 - Cursillista Beyond Cursillo


Servants of the English Cursillo Movement:

Deacon Lupe Trevino - Spiritual Advisor
   Phone: 832-567-9505; Email: dcnlupet@aol.com

Tin Ngo - School of Leaders Vocal
   Phone: 832-964-4534; Email: ngoquangtin@gmail.com

David Tamayo - Pre-Cursillo Vocal
   Phone: 832-392-1514; Email: jdtamayo@sbcglobal.net

Martha Trevino - Post-Cursillo Vocal
   Phone: 832-928-7596; Email: trevinomarshajane@gmail.com